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A Coalition of Women Say Read the Label SIS! Then #tossthetalc


Community organizations have rallied around the cry to notify more women of color about the dangers of using talc based products as a feminine hygiene product. A coalition of community organization leaders have been formed called the SisterCARE Coalition to promote the Read The Label SIS! #tossthetalc Campaign.


Cancer has been ranked as one of the leading causes of death for women in the United States according to the 2013 U.S. Census Bureau and the SisterCARE Coalition is committed to spreading the importance of reading the labels of talc based products and stop women from using them as a feminine hygiene product due to its reported link to ovarian cancer.




SisterCARE Coalition Members & ‘Read the Label SIS!’ Campaign Supporters


Anana Harris Parris, SisterCARE Alliance

Noreen ‘The Science Queen’ Raines

Monica Simpson, Executive Director of Sister Song

Leah Jones, SisterSONG

Kareena Cumberbatch, R.N. & Doula

Veleda Cofield, Jack & Jill of Greater Atlanta’

Malika Redmond, Women Engaged

Dr. Zenobia L. Day, Heartbeat Markets & Joe Beasley Foundation

And many more…


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